ShipHawk Improves API With Real Time Shipment Tracking

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ShipHawk, the online startup known for their technologically savvy shipping solutions, recently announced their new tracking and notification API, feeding users instant updates on current shipments. The new API eliminates confusion by making real-time status updates readily accessible.

The most frustrating thing is a shipment that goes off the radar. Without visibility, communication or transparency, shippers are left in the dark. ShipHawk's new API bridges this gap by automatically dispatching relevant information.

"This technology allows us to communicate with our API customers quickly and easily. It allows us to instantly update users with relevant data, pickup notifications, bad weather updates, copies of BOL's and POD's.  We're truly excited to be able to deliver this kind of transparency to our API users," shares ShipHawk CEO, Jeremy Bodenhamer.

ShipHawk's API allows consumers and businesses alike to ship without surprises - no matter what the item, origin, or destination.  It instantly connects the dots between the thousands of variables that affect cost to provide efficiency and accuracy to otherwise convoluted processes. With the most data, the smartest software and hundreds of reliable partners, ShipHawk provides the best options for a seamless process and a successful delivery.

About ShipHawk
Based in Santa Barbara, CA, ShipHawk is a technology layer that allows businesses and individuals to access packing and shipping information. ShipHawk levels the playing field for shippers, no matter who they are or what they ship.  ShipHawk takes real-world items, whether it's a "queen mattress" or "guitar," and converts the items into data that shipping companies understand. By aggregating transportation and logistics data from numerous local, regional and national shipping carriers, the ShipHawk Platform matches your specific items with the optimal carrier. Now anyone can get rates from reputable carriers and book on demand.

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