ShipHawk Sweeps Startup Awards, Launches Shipping API

ShipHawk won two awards at the Silicon Beach Summit last week in Santa Monica. A group of top-tier investors and media executives gave ShipHawk the “Sand Dollar” award for best eCommerce startup and then the “Big Kahuna” award for best overall startup.   ShipHawk also announced API access to its innovative backend technologies.

ShipHawk Web Site helps consumers and businesses ship large and oversized items.  Think tractors ... sent to China.   Previously, no single site made it easy for people to figure out how to ship these items, what service to use and what price they should pay.  

ShipHawk's site helps users figure out the details of how packing and shipping will work.  ShipHawk also creates a market for shipping services by providing side by side comparisons of the features and pricing of competing providers, given the shipping details that it calculates.  ShipHawk calls the APIs of major providers like FedEx and UPS as well has custom integrations with the tools and services of regional partners like trucking vendors to power their exchange.

ShipHawk API

The new ShipHawk API provides developers access to this aggregated shipping comparison information, backend algorithms for figuring out packing details and the ability to programmatically book the shipping order.

ShipHawk is targeting web and mobile developers of shopping cart and other e-commerce applications that need to provide instant shipping rates to their users, regardless of size or shape, from over 60 shipping carriers.  Developers have the option to just use ShipHawk API to provide rates quotes only, or the developer can book and automatically dispatch shipments on demand.  

Using the ShipHawk API

ShipHawk built a RESTful API that returns JSON results via HTTPS.  

ShipHawk's API uses HTTP verbs GET and POST for two broad categories of functionality.

  • GET: Access packing, pickup and shipping rates instantly for items of any shape, size or weight. 
  • POST:  Book shipments on demand with these carriers and rates provided.

ShipHawk's API is in Beta.  Developers need to request early access to the API.  Contact the company using “”, or go to and click "Get Started" to submit a request.  ShipHawk provides approved developers with API Documentation, test accounts and code samples in CURL and Ruby.  

ShipHawk Screenshot for Shipping a Three Ton Tractor from CA to NY


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