Shizzow's Location-Based Social API Goes Public

In less than sixty days since the private beta release of its API, Portland-based Shizzow has now released its API (our Shizzow API Profile) to the public. If you are not familiar with Shizzow, it is a location-based social service that a small, yet dedicated, team of techies built with the goal of helping you build quality relationships through face-to-face interaction. Sharing some similarity with Yahoo!'s Fire Eagle and other location based services, Shizzow functions as a geo-location service that allows users to send "shouts" out of their location, which are subsequently passed on to friends through updates in several mediums. Originally limited for use by Portlanders, Shizzow recently went public in conjunction with the public release of their API.

According to the Shizzow folks:

Shizzow provides the technology for friends to share locations, so you can spend more time hanging out with your peeps and less time trying to coordinate bringing them together. We don't think that people need yet another social network, so Shizzow is focused on finding your friends, and we make it easy to get notifications of your friends' locations via the website, IM, SMS, RSS feeds, etc. Don't like how we do it? You may write a custom Shizzow-based application using our API.


According to the latest news on the Shizzow Blog:

For those of you new to the Shizzow API, we placed our API in private beta on January 11th, in order to facilitate the development of Shizzow applications and mashups. Popular uses of the Shizzow API include finding your friends, finding new places to go, and add/editing places that are currently not in the Shizzow database. But what gets us really excited is the fact that you can build whatever you want with the API - it’s yours to create anything you can dream up.

Indeed, developers who had access to the private beta of the API have already developed or are currently developing applications that leverage the API. The names get interesting, with applications that work on several platforms, including Baken (Android), f’shizzow (Android), IceCondor (Android/Web), Shizzeeps (Web) and Shizzup (iPhone). The Shizzeeps app is our Mashup of the Day today.


Mapping APIs continue to be quite popular in our API directory, and we are pleased to add the Shizzow API to the list, bringing the total count of mapping APIs to 78. Interested developers should check out the API Documentation, the ShizzDev Google Group, and the Shizzow FAQs. Note that the RESTful API requires SSL requests and is currently limited to 100 requests per hour.

[Hat Tip SiliconFlorist]

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