Shop Around For A Better Deal: Idealo API

Savvy shoppers know it often takes some looking around before you find the best price. It's the same with online shopping, but with so many retailers at your fingertips, where do you even begin? That's where a tool like Idealo is pretty helpful. It's an online price comparison service that lists over 300 000 products from over 14 000 retailers across the UK. The Idealo API allows e-commerce sellers to create and update product and price listings on the service.


Idealo provides four main functions:

  • Price comparison for a large number of shops across the UK
  • Built-in voucher code functionality that ensures that any further discounts are automatically factored into the purchase price
  • The Idealo price watcher allows users to monitor the 90 day price movements for a particular product and even receive email alerts when the user's desired price is reached
  • Product and shop reviews by both industry experts and consumers

In order to make use of the Idealo web API, shop systems must be able to send the appropriate HTTP requests to the API. An HTTP request in XML format is sent with a list of the shop's product offers to change, add or remove. Confirmation is returned in XML format. Changes via the API appear immediately in the service data.

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