ShopAdvisor API Version 3.0 Now Generally Available

ShopAdvisor, a mobile proximity marketing and intelligence Platform provider, has announced that version 3.0 of the ShopAdvisor API is now generally available. The API allows developers to build applications that can make online-to-offline retailer oriented queries. These queries can then be used to provide information for mobile marketing campaigns. According to the company announcement, ShopAdvisor API 3.0 is a major upgrade from the prior API version and searches are "up to ten times faster, more efficient, and more accurate." In addition to improving the search functionality of the API, the company has expanded its product catalog and available data.

The ShopAdvisor API provides retailer and product information for a wide variety of retailers including (but not limited to) Best Buy, Sam's Club, Target, and Walgreens. Product categories the API can query include (but not limited to) animals and pet supplies, food and beverage, toys and games, electronics, and furniture. Developers can use the API to build applications that can search for products sold at nearby store locations, check product inventory at specific store locations, list which retailers nearby sell specific products, and return store locations and other retailer information.

"Version 3.0 of our API makes it much easier and faster to develop these drive-to-store mobile proximity marketing campaigns," said ShopAdvisor CEO Jeff Papows in a prepared statement. "These improvements, coupled with the contextualized product and location data we are continually adding to our platform makes our offering a compelling solution that simplifies the process of engaging shoppers and bringing foot traffic into stores."

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