Shopify API Updates Focus on Merchandising and Order Fulfillment

Shopify has published its January 2020 API features roundup. These API features roundups are used by the company to help developers understand changes and updates to the latest Shopify API releases. The latest roundup focuses on merchandising and order fulfillment.

The latest API release improved fulfillment services through the FulfillmentOrders resource. The Resource represents either an item or a group of items in an order that are fulfilled at the same location. Through the resource, apps can retrieve a list of fulfillment orders, retrieve a specific fulfillment order, cancel a fulfillment order, mark a fulfillment order as incomplete or move a fulfillment order to a new location. The resource is a vast improvement over the fulfillment_create webhook used in previous API releases.

Additionally, the latest release includes an Order Editing API. Developers have long asked for this feature. Through the API, edits can be made to line items within an order. The edits are made through the GraphQL API and use a begin/edit/commit pattern. To introduce developers to the new API, Shopify published a reference guide.

Shopify also introduced a new Smart Collections Endpoint. The new endpoint, /collection/:id/products. JSON, prevents developers from needing to page through collects to uncover with products are associated with a specific Smart Collection. A single hit to this new endpoint will uncover all products in a given Smart Collection.

Further, Shopify is upping its product media capabilities. Traditionally, merchants were only able to show static pictures of their products. Now, merchants can display videos, 3D models, and augmented reality experiences when showing products to buyers in storefronts. To accommodate these new media types, Products in GraphQL now have a media connection, with mediaContenttypes including image, video, external video, and model3D.

Finally, the Discounts GraphQL API now supports automatic discounts. When an order hits a predetermined threshold, the applicable discount is automatically applied. To introduce developers to this feature, Shopify published a reference guide. Check out the roundup for more details.

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