Shopify Bolsters its Developer Ecosystem

At its annual Unite conference earlier this month, hosted ecommerce Platform Shopify announced a number of major product announcements, including several that impact the company's developer ecosystem.

Specifically, Shopify announced that its admin API will support GraphQL so that they can "leverage its speed and efficiency to build faster and more stable apps." Shopify also announced Connectors for Shopify Flow, the company's automation platform. Using this offering, developers can build tiggers and actions that support custom workflows using Shopfiy's app extensions platform.

Finally, Shopify announced a new version of its App Store that emphasises discovery and generates personalized recommendations for merchants.

According to Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke, Shopify's goal is to "[make] it easier for [entrepreneurs] to run a business and become successful" and as part of that, these new developments are intended to help ensure that Shopify customers can take full advantage of its partner ecosystem.

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