Shopify Launches API Health Report

Shopify just introduced its new API Health Report. Developers are accustomed to searching changelogs for changes and deprecated API features. Shopify's API Health Report takes that changelog and turns it into a dynamic tool. Using the API Heath Report, developers can check their private and custom apps for any deprecated API calls those apps might be making.

The Health Report can be found within the Shopify Partner Dashboard. From the Dashboard, navigate to Apps. Click on an app's status indicator in the Health column. The Health Report will display the selected app's status and show any deprecated API calls that have been made in the past 30 days. For any deprecated calls, the Health Report provides developers with guidance on how to remedy any problems.

Potential health statuses available include OK, Fix by date, and Unsupported. OK means an app has not made any deprecated calls in the past 30 days. Fix by date indicates that a deprecated call has been made in the past 30 days and action needs to be taken. A yellow indicator means the fix needs to be made somewhere between 30 days and 9 months. A red indicator means the fix needs to be made in less than 30 days. Unsupported means the deprecated calls are being made to unsupported API versions, and such calls could have significant immediate impact.

For Unsupported statuses, Shopify may take action on its own if necessary. The API Health Report has not replaced Shopify's changelog. Developers can always access the Shopify changelog for more comprehensive API details. Check out the API Health Report site for more information.

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