Shopify Launches Online Store Version 2.0

Shopify is currently hosting its Unite conference and has announced the release of version 2.0 of the company’s online store. With this update, Shopify has unlocked new opportunities for developers to build Platform experiences and themes. The company has also provided guidance for upgrading themes to 2.0 standards. 

The first significant news for developers as part of this upgrade is an upgraded theme architecture that the company claims makes customization much more flexible. Additionally, themes will now allow for sections on all pages. Previously this functionality was limited to the front page and required significant editing to enable workarounds. Shopify has uploaded a getting started video that outlines this update. 

To further bolster this new theme architecture Shopify has added theme app extension capabilities, which are intended to streamline the process of integrating applications with themes. Previously this was a manual process that required retooling for each theme. 

These are just a couple of highlights from the full product announcement that developers should make sure to check out for further detail. And don’t forget to take a look at the migration guide for themes that need to be updated to the 2.0 standard.

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