Shopify Targets Discount Programs with New Price Rules API

Shopify recently announced the official launch of its Price Rules API. Shopify introduced the new API at its Unite conference. The company reports that, last year, one in five sales completed on Shopify used a discount code. They want to target in on this trend to give merchants more ability to capitalize on the power of discounting. The new API provides developers with more flexibility to be creative with discounting and loyalty programs.

The Price Rules API acts as an enhanced successor to Shopify's Discounts API, which has now been sunsetted. Shopify kept the best features of the Discounts API (i.e. fixed percentage discount, fixed dollar amount discount, free shipping, and discount code creation) and enhanced it with capabilities that better accommodate a broader set of business needs. Businesses across the board will find the new API to be more flexible. For instance, developers are no longer limited to a fixed dollar amount, but can apply specific discounts to selected groupings, require minimal purchase prices for discounts, and more.

Added flexibility within the Price Rules API applies to percentages, dollar amounts, conditions for free shipping, and discounts associated with a minimum set of cart items. Additionally, merchants can distribute discounts codes across multiple online resources (e.g. email, social media, etc.). Merchants can then generate reports to measure success across the various channels. For more information, check out the API site. There you will also find a migration guide from the Discounts API to the Price Rules API.

Shopify has already tested the API with a number of launch partners (e.g., Soundest, Conversio, Klaviyo, etc.). The company envisions that developers will both build standalone discount apps, and integrate the API within apps that recruit sales or retain customers. For specific examples of how launch partners have utilized the API, check out the Shopify blog post announcement.

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