Shopping Mashups for the Holidays

Of the the 2565 mashups listed here just over 9% are tagged "shopping". That's 338 shopping mashups. Each week we see a variety of the 33 e-commerce APIs used for interesting forms of shopping applications and this past week's been no exception. The e-commerce API segment is so active that we've created a new section of ProgrammableWeb: the Shopping Mashup Dashboard. This section of the site gives you one jumping off point for what's new in APIs, mashups and news in the e-commerce platform world.


In terms of what's new in the past week, here are 3 of the latest shopping-related mashups that might be able to assist you in getting ready for the gift giving season:

  • SearchQuilt: Search for videos, images, blogs, news, eBay auctions, and Amazon products all on one page. The homepage shows popular searches from Yahoo, AOL, Google, and Technorati, so that you can also track buzz (four different APIs used in this mashup).
  • Amazon and eBay Comparison Shopping: Search both Amazon and eBay at the same time from a single search form.
  • eBay Nintendo Wii Ticker Widget: If you are tired of looking for Nintendo Wiis then use this Google Gadget, a live ticker that displays Nintendo Wiis currently on sale via eBay.

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