Shoudio Helps You Tag Places With Audio

Shoudio is an amusing iOS application made to tag places with audio snippets. These can be anything a user imagines, and a lot of fun could be had with this. For example, integrating this into Geocaching could be a lot of fun, allowing things like audio hints to help Geocachers find the cache. However, the developers of Shoudio didn't want it limited to just one Platform, so they released a Shoudio API to allow clients for other platforms, and fun mashups.

TheNextWeb reviewed the Shoudio app last October:

Shoudio is location based audio recordings. Record what you hear, or record your own message. Shoudio will send it to Twitter, Facebook and even an iTunes podcast Feed.

Loved: Unique approach to location-based services. An idea that we haven’t seen before.

Hated: Sharing to more options would be great. Perhaps Integration with Ping.FM? Too few recording options (but we hear that will be fixed soon).

Overall: 4/5

As the review said, more recording options would be nice, and now, developers can write them themselves. What I'd most like to see with this is integration into a few of the popular Geocaching applications, for use with hints or just plain cool stuff Geocachers heard while at a cache.

LollapaloozaThis could also be a good piece to a mashup using the Lollapalooza API, perhaps to try to win the HackLolla contest, which ends in about two weeks. How about have people at the concert record bits of the band playing live, to let people at the other venues know what they're missing?

The app, demoed in the video embedded above, also got some coverage over at, but not many people are talking about the API yet. It is RESTful, allowing full API access including Authentication via OAuth2, and posting as well as reading and searching. When will someone write an Android version?

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