Shoutlet's API Keeps Contact Lists Updated and Relevant

Shoutlet, enterprise social marketing Platform, has added a contact form API to its plethora of social media services. The API allows developers to gather contact information (e.g. data from an online sign up form) and automatically update the Shoutlet contact database with the pertinent information. Shoutlet CEO, Jason Weaver, explained the benefit of managing disparate social media activities through a single service:

"[W]e’ve seen the explosion of social media in the everyday lives of consumers and there’s been tremendous opportunity for brands to capitalize on this channel to connect with their fans....[Shoutlet is] a do-it-yourself software that serves as the hub for all social activity, making it very easy to create, monitor and manage campaigns."

Shoutlet launched out of frustration with traditional social marketing capabilities and has quickly developed a customer base that includes some of the world's largest advertisers (e.g. NASCAR, K Swiss, Kohler, Canon, etc.). Some of the market's most successful brands already rely on Shoutlet for its social marketing platform, and the contact API should merely extend reliance on Shoutlet's platform.

The contact API uses standard a standard HTTP interface. Contact fields include name, email, phone, address, work information, online presence, and basic demographics. Those interested in learning more can visit the developer page.

Social marketing investments continue to rise; however, ROI on the investments remains in its infancy. Better interaction with "fans" and "followers" remains a prime goal of social marketers. With Shoutlet's platform and automated services (i.e. contact API), social marketing should continue to grow and garner a positive return.

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