Show Off Your Coordination with Cohuman's C3PO Contest

Another Developer Contest is coming to town. With the number of developer contests increasing, coordinating your tasks across all of them might itself be a challenge. Cohuman, a Task Coordination Software Service, does exactly that. And now you can use the Cohuman API to participate in its C3PO (Cohuman Paid Partner Program Offering) contest, with several category prizes and a $2,000 best in show prize.

Cohuman provides a Task Coordination Service with free and commercial plans. The service lets you focus on the tasks among a group of users. The idea is to coordinate with each to complete the tasks, get updates on the tasks, update tasks and so on. They have an API to help integrate into your application. You need to apply for a developer key first. The API is REST based and supports both JSON (default) and XML response formats. The Authentication is based on OAuth based. Full API documentation is available here. Example call for getting a Task is as follows : where id is the Task Id in the system.

The Cohuman C3PO contest has multiple category prizes like Best Mobile, Email Integration, Non-English language, Visualization, Mashup and Desktop, in addition to $2000 for  “Best In Show” prize. The contest is open worldwide with the submission deadline of April 4. The winners will be announced on April 8. Please refer to the contest rules for more details.

You can find other contests on the ProgrammableWeb contests page.


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