Turns Bloggers Into DJs is a web based music magazine that allows users to browse music on the web through music sites and blogs. It allows them to discover new music and keep an eye on current trends, with the help of those in the know. allows the user to select a specific genre and listen to relevant tracks from that genre. These tracks are pulled from a managed list of music blogs, categorized (using's API) then filed appropriately. It works like this: the homepage displays a list of channels. A user clicks on one of these channels and is sent to a blog post about a song, where the song starts playing. Once that song is finished playing, users are sent to another song; and so the process continues. What's really great about being led directly to the music blog where the song is hosted, is that the user is also able to learn more about the track, artist, band and music blog itself. It's due to this feature that the site has been described as a “StumbleUpon” for music.

Top features include:

  • The option to play music by genre.
  • The option to play music by specific blog.
  • The option to play music by trending tracks, for the latest and fastest rising songs and featured sections.
  • The option to create favorites to view at a later stage.
  • The option to subscribe to blogs and websites.
  • The option to receive updates about a favorite artist.

The API allows third party developers to integrate the functionality into their own new applications. Those interested in making use of the API can access the API key by logging in to the website.

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