Shutterstock Launches Self-Service API Subscription Plans

Today, Shutterstock launched new self-serve API subscription plans. The self-serve capability enables Shutterstock API users to integrate in-app image reselling. Shutterstock has long partnered with the developer community through its Shutterstock APITrack this API. The new subscription plans provide an easily accessible additional revenue stream for Shutterstock API partners.

“The self-serve API subscription plans empower anyone to easily integrate Shutterstock content and tools into their products and applications at any time and from anywhere,”Alex Reynolds, Shutterstock’s General Manager of Platform Solutions, commented in a press release. “With more than 10,000 developers already building applications using Shutterstock’s high-quality content and innovative search technology, there is a clear demand for increased access and support to further serve our growing community of developers, startups and small and mid-sized businesses.”

The subscriptions support in-app preview, licensing, and reselling of royalty-free images. The subscriptions are completely self-serve (no need for Shutterstock review or intervention). The subscription service comes with three pricing tiers based on image licenses per month. Since the service enables in-app selling, Shutterstock API users can pass the cost through to users, or mark up the cost for new revenue opportunities.

Shutterstock's API includes advanced search capabilities, which include granular search filters, robust metadata, conditional queries, and support for 21 languages. Access to over one million royalty-free images is readily available (the company has plans on extending that to 15 million). With household names like Google, Facebook, IBM, and more already in the customer base, Shutterstock's new subscription plan should only help expand its popularity within the developer community.

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