ShuttleCloud Offers API to Build the Email Graph

ShuttleCloud, the API for importing email address books, aims to serve as the "graph" for email. Parallel to the "social graph" or the "interest graph," ShuttleCloud offers an API to unlock the meaning hidden within the mounds of data in a user's inbox. Within a single user's inbox, contacts, relationships, correlations and much more exist. Often, meaning within such data is hidden.

"[T]he contacts and the relationships buried within your email ... [are] a really rich source of data," Bob Greenlees, ShuttleCloud's director of operations and business development, said in an article.

ShuttleCloud was born out of Techstars in 2010. Originally designed to ease integration of online address books, ShuttleCloud has now set much higher ambitions. With API access to its functionality, ShuttleCloud aims to be the go-to source for deriving meaning from inbox data. The ShuttleCloud API can import address books from 242 email providers. Such functionality could help startups strapped for resources or established enterprises moving to a new market or acquiring a new business.

The HTTP-based API returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers can leverage ShuttleCloud's scale and functionality while maintaining control of the user experience and interface. The fetch operation constitutes the API's core functionality. A call fetches a contact, an email, etc. Other operations are slated to evolve in the future. For complete details, visit the API docs.  

ShuttleCloud aims to impart meaning from the many email transactions that take place within an inbox. From how often certain contacts email each other, to how likely a certain contact is to open an email, the ShuttleCloud API derives actionable knowledge from which a user can take customized or bulk action. Consider adding a new source of valuable data to your business strategy through ShuttleCloud API integration.

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