Sift Enhances Its Fraud Detection and Mitigation API

Sift, an internet security and fraud prevention company, has announced updates to the company’s API that are intended to simplify Integration with its Platform while also improving functionality. These Improvements utilize Machine Learning for advanced fraud detection. 

Sift highlighted these API improvements alongside additional features that were added to the company’s “Digital Trust & Safety” platform. The announcement noted that:

“Improvements to Sift’s API now make integrating into Sift easier and more powerful for Fintech customers in a breadth of use cases, from cryptocurrency to PSPs and eWallets to remittances. With Sift’s advanced machine learning and streamlined API structure, fintech companies can quickly integrate into Sift and start protecting against all types of fraud and abuse, and reduce friction for customers.”

Developers that are interested in learning more about Sift’s APIs can check out the company’s documentation

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