Sign Green: Eliminate Paper with Agree'nSign

We have all heard it before: “Just print it, sign it, and fax it over.”  That saying that brings visions of typewriters to mind.  It’s one step ahead of vacuum tube document transfer, but without that cool wooshing effect.  It is slightly better when you can print the form, fill it out in hard copy, and then scan it back in so it can be emailed;  This is still a little silly.  Agree’nSign hopes to do its part to eliminate the step into the physical world of hard copy by facilitating legally binding and defensible electronic signatures. The Agree’nSign API makes it possible to integrate this function into existing applications.

There are two main functionality tracks in this service, documents and reusable documents.  Regular documents are sent to a specific one-time list of signers while reusable documents can be sent over and over again.  This would be useful for handling new employees who often need to sign a number of documents on their first day of work.  Each employee needs to sign roughly the same set of documents, and that set of could be made to be “reusable” in Agree’nSign.

The API is XML based.  It might not be JSON, but at least it's not paper!  With the API you can create, send new contracts, retrieve contract meta data or PDFs, and get a list of all contracts.  If you want to create a reusable contract, you will still need to head to the agree’nSign website.

There are 10 esignature APIs in the index, going back as far as 2006.

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