Offers Cloud-Based Medical Record Capture Via Speech-To-Text, a provider of medical record Documentation products, has announced a new API that will allow healthcare providers to create voice-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) programmatically. The new SimboAlpha API leverages automated speech recognition to power its feature set. 

In addition to granular control of the company’s Speech-to-Text engine, the SimboAlpha API also provides access to medical Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities. By providing these capabilities via a cloud-based service Simbo. AI is hoping to remove barriers to entry for Indian healthcare providers that could benefit from the technology., which is based in Bengaluru, India, trained the AI that powers this new service on over 10 million medical records and claims that it can recognize all Indian English accents. The API is available by partnership only and interested developers will have to reach out to the company for further details.

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