The Simple Tenhands API Equation: Videoconferencing + Worflow = Teamwork

The Tenhands REST API allows you to integrate videoconferencing into your application. Tenhands provides multipoint calling on Mac and Windows via a browser using a Javascript API, and plans to add recording and other options. The Amazon cloud based service allows for managing media and signaling, and administering users.

But if you've got Facetime on Apple or the Android or Windows equivalent, and there are many videoconferencing tools available, why bother building videoconferencing into an app--even if it means minimal coding as the company promises? The best answers come from Tenhands' customers who spell out that it's all about what you have at your fingertips during the conversation:

“CRM and collaboration apps have needed something like TenHands for more than 5 years. Users of these applications should be engaging in real-time communications in the context of the business information they need to do their jobs and the TenHands API enables exactly that,” said Denis Pombriant, Managing Principal of Beagle Research Group, LLC.

“Our language instructors and students need to communicate via video within Eleutian’s application workflow. After assessing the market, we’re excited to evaluate real-time video communications powered by TenHands as the best way to deliver a great language learning experience,” said Spencer Lewis, VP Engineering & IT for English as a Second Language provider Eleutian.

Developers can use the company's JavaScript Library to build a web application. An objective C library has been promised soon for an iOS API.

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