SimpleECM Releases Widget-Based Mobile Document Capture SDK

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Document Capture Technologies (DCT), a leader in mobile capture devices and innovative productivity solutions, today announced the SimpleECM Mobile Document Capture Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers a radically simplified tool to incorporate document capture functionality into their iOS, Android, and Kindle apps. The SDK is the first of its kind to be widget-based, which enables developers to quickly and easily integrate any of the advanced scanning features into their apps, simply by turning them on or off.

Unlike other scanning SDKs, the SimpleECM SDK includes a widget that can be incorporated into accounting, POS, and other productivity apps with only a few lines of code. Going far beyond standard photo capture capabilities, the Mobile SDK provides multipage capture and advanced image enhancement features, such as 3D de-skew, crop, rotate, brightness, and grayscale conversion.

"Adding document capture functionality to existing business applications such as accounting and CRM makes a lot of sense," said Karl Etzel, President and CEO, DCT. "The SimpleECM Mobile Document Capture SDK lets developers add this functionality to mobile apps to help improve accuracy and reduce costs of business processes."

The SimpleECM Mobile Scanning SDK is part of the SimpleECM API platform, which makes it easy to integrate document capture and content management capabilities into web-based business applications. Employing familiar JavaScript and REST APIs, the SimpleECM Platform provides document management services, such as OCR and forms processing, making it easy to build workflows such as accounts payable (AP) automation or inventory management. "SimpleECM is a disruptive platform developed to allow app developers and system integrators to create new services faster and at a lower cost," said Etzel. "We're excited to bring the same capabilities to mobile devices."

About Document Capture Technologies, Inc.
Developed by Document Capture Technologies, Inc. (DCT), a leader in mobile capture devices and innovative productivity solutions, SimpleECM ( enables OEMs, application developers, and systems integrators to provide cloud service connectivity, capture solutions, and workflow logic in their products and services. The API platform is architected to enable web applications and mobile devices to incorporate ECM functionality on a transaction basis, in a familiar development Framework. Since 1998, DCT has been developing proprietary software for custom integrations and has supplied nearly 5 million scanning devices worldwide.

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