SimpleGeo Storage Alternative Launched in Two Days

Two days ago we wrote about Urban Airship grounding SimpleGeo APIs. While one API was being taken over by another company, it left SimpleGeo's innovative flagship geo storage product stranded. Another company has quickly come forward to pick up the slack. Geoloqi created a SimpleGeo importer that will move storage from one Platform to the other, where places can then be queried by the Geoloqi API.

This Github page describes the tool:

This tool will allow you to transfer your SimpleGeo Storage data over to Geoloqi. It makes Geoloqi Layers for each SimpleGeo Layer, and converts Records to Geoloqi Places for each of the layers. It also allows you to view your data in a visual editor.

All you need to run the command is a Geoloqi Access Token, and the SimpleGEO OAuth Key and Secret.

Geoloqi was built to enable location-based applications that respond to where your user's are. By contrast, SimpleGeo was a more generic geo-database solution. Still, you can query your own nearby places using Geoloqi. By moving from SimpleGeo, developers will have the same tools and an opportunity to add new location features, including "geo-triggers" and geo-fencing.

via Silicon Florist

Disclosure: Geoloqi is part of a business incubator where I am a technical mentor

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