SimpleGeo Switches Pricing Models, Alters Free Plan

Location data and storage company SimpleGeo has announced plans to change its pay-per-use pricing for the SimpleGeo API, removing a free option for low volume users. Instead, the company will offer tiered pricing, with 60 day free trials at every tier.

The announcement post also has other company updates. Here's the pricing portion:

This decision was ultimately based upon three main factors. The first, and most important to us, is customer feedback. We've received an overwhelming response that per-sip pricing was too unpredictable for planning purposes. Secondly, flat tier pricing now allows us to expand to third party development platforms which commonly support a tiered, flat pricing model. Lastly, in the coming months, we'll be launching a number of products and services that aren't call-based, so it would over-complicate our pricing to have to support both per-sip pricing on the products that supported it, and monthly pricing on the products that don't.

This change will go into effect towards the end of the month. We'll be posting more specifically about this soon, but the overview of this is that we'll be launching with three monthly plans priced at $9, $49, and $79 per month. Each plan will have an escalating allowance of total API calls, records stored, and API rate limits respective to their tier across all products. We're currently working out the details on these respective API limits and will release this information in coming weeks.

SimpleGeo originally launched with a higher priced tiered plan, though it had a free version that supported up to 1 million calls. Based on feedback, it changed pricing over a year ago.

A big reason behind the recent price changes is that the company plans to launch additional products and services which would not work with a pay-per-call model, according to the post. The new prices will affect all of the company's APIs, said SimpleGeo's Jeffrey Kalmikoff. The SimpleGeo Places API and SimpleGeo Context API previously operated on a pay-per-use model, with 10,000 monthly calls available for free. Places lets developers search for nearby businesses and other points of interest. Context provides additional information about the area around the point, including the city, weather and, as of last week, demographics from the 2010 U.S. Census.

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