SimpleTexting SMS API Enables Text Marketing from Third-Party Apps

SimpleTexting, text marketing service, offers its full suite of text services via its SMS API. Developers can integrate SMS capabilities within third party apps to better engage customers. Whether developers want to send or receive texts, update contact lists, or take advantage of SimpleTexting's other features, the SMS API provides simple access to a robust service:

"SimpleTexting has a single mission – to help...customers deepen existing customer relationships and add new customers through low-cost, simple text communications."

A group of digital marketing executives launched SimpleTexting in 2010. Still in its early years, SimpleTexting has grown a customer base that spans many industries and continues to expand its reach. Not only does SimpleTexting offer top notch products, the company believes text marketing increases customer attraction and retention; and thus, SimpleTexting launched Mobile University to better equip its  users. As SimpleTexting continues to offer new services and products, expect to see more growth in an increasingly text-based world.

The SMS API uses REST protocol. Through the API, users gain access to SimpleTexting's full capabilities. Marketers can send and receive messages, manage contact lists, check messages count, check keyword availability, rent keywords, schedule messages, and more. Those interested can request a token at the API site.

The text message, now 20 years old, has progressed into a major form of modern communication. Text messaging has commanded attention from everyone, lawmakers to marketers. As texting moves towards a dominant method to communicate, marketers who effectively take advantage of texting nuances stand to rise above those who fail to capitalize on this avenue of mass appeal.

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