SimplyVital Health Introduces Event Logging API for Healthcare

SimplyVital Health, a healthcare technology provider, has announced the Aletheia API. It is a Blockchain-based event-logging API. Parties that share data through the Aletheia API gain a perfect history of application events, which increases trust and transparency, critical elements of data sharing in healthcare.

"Aletheia is versatile," SimplyVital Health CTO, Lucas Hendren, commented in a press release. "We're using it in our own Platform to help providers with MIPS requirements. The immutability aids with security and compliance in healthcare."

This is the latest API in SimplyVital Health's portfolio. SimplyVital Health offers another event logging API, the Health Audit API, that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, SimplyVital Health Builds custom healthcare APIs using blockchain protocols and interfaces of the client's choice.

Aletheia's blockchain characteristics include smart contracts, where the API stores cryptographic hashes and metadata to create an immutable record. Once created, the entire history, including changes and data objects, can be reviewed and examined. This creates a complete audit trail, essential for modern healthcare compliance. Check out more at SimplyVital Health's developer site.

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