Sinch Conversation API Helps Unify Marketing Messaging Across Platforms

Sinch, a provider of cloud communication services, has announced the release of a new Conversation APITrack this API that is designed to simplify the unification process of messaging across myriad channels and technologies. With the pandemic pushing the global workforce into remote environments communication fragmentation has increased exponentially.

Sinch is attempting to tackle a communication problem that results from an interesting phenomenon: preferred communication channels vary based on geographic location. For a multitude of reasons some people may rely on slack for intraoffice communication at work, but switch to WhatsApp at home, even while messaging the same coworkers. The reasons for this may vary, but the reality is the same across many industries.

While this issue introduces complexity in some areas, it also provides an opportunity for marketing professionals to gain a competitive edge when engaging users. The Sinch Conversation API aims to provide this advantage by allowing companies to write their messaging once and then rely on Sinch to translate the content in a way that is optimized for various platforms. Sinch Chief Product Officer Vikram Khandpur noted to TechCrunch that:

“... By giving us that message once, we take care of all of [the different tools] behind the scenes transcoding when needed. So if you give us a very rich message with images and videos, WhatsApp may want to render it in a certain way, but then Viber renders that in a different way, and we take care of that.”

The API is available now and developers can check out the documentation for more information.

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