Sinch's New SMS API Reaches Over 100 Countries

Sinch, a cloud-based communications Platform, has launched a new SMS API that enables apps to send SMS messages to users in over 100 countries. The SMS API adds to Sinch’s existing communications API portfolio that included IM and voice functionality. As with Sinch’s existing ease of API Integration strategy, developers can integrate the SMS API with as little as three lines of code.

Sinch originally launched its communications platform in May of this year. Since May, Sinch has added SDKs, attracted thousands of developers, and connected billions of calls. Now that Sinch has added SMS to its portfolio, expect its early growth to continue. SMS has arisen as a popular method to communicate, but incorporating SMS functionality in-app has often proven difficult. Often, massive infrastructure was required to include SMS functionality within an app; thus, only large, well-established companies could afford to include SMS. With the SMS API, Sinch provides all the needed resources to include SMS; and any app can turn SMS on with a few lines of code.

The SMS API is RESTful and can deliver messages to over 100 countries. Sinch envisions a wide variety of use cases for the API, including account verification, two factor security, notifications, marketing campaigns, and more. To learn more about the SMS API, visit the API docs or check out this tutorial.

Sinch remains in startup mode, but its mobile-first approach and dedication to ease of integration have served it well in its infancy. Sinch continues to add to its portfolio with high demand communications features, while removing the need for major Resource dedication. Sinch is armed to continue grabbing attention in the industry. Developers interested in adding text functionality to any app should consider the Sinch SMS API.

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