Singapore Airlines Announces Developer Platform

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has announced the release of their KrisConnect Programme, which aims to enhance the overall customer experience by making resources more readily available. The company’s APIs offer partners a range of functionality, enabling management of flight bookings, checking on flight status, and providing KrisFlyer-related information.

The company says that the program is currently in “execution phase,” and already has several partners committed to using SIA's API content. SIA’s Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mr Campbell Wilson, had this to say about the importance of APIs to the company’s goals:

“Personalised service and being customer-focused have long been the hallmarks of Singapore Airlines. APIs accord us the opportunity to extend these values beyond our traditional touchpoints and we are pleased to launch KrisConnect to develop a deeper relationship with partners to improve the SIA customer experience on their platforms.”

The company also announced an API portal that provides Documentation for the company’s APIs. 

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