Singly Launches App Connection Platform in Open Beta

Singly has announced the open beta of its app connection platform. The Platform consists of two main components (i.e. the App Fabric SDK and the Data Fabric infrastructure). The App Fabric simplifies social data sharing and shortens time to enable functionality such as friend finding and login across multiple apps. The Data Fabric allows developers to integrate features like synching, data querying, intelligent indexing, instant push, archiving, and more. In a press release, Jason Cavnar, Singly co-founder and CEO, commented on the beta:

"We're really excited to open up our platform to the broader developer community....For the past several months we have built a community of developers, who trust us with mission-critical components of their app at the data level, liking us to 'AWS for user data connectivity'. The fact is developers are reshaping the way we live one app at a time and helping create more meaningful connections."

During the private beta, Singly built a solid developer community with over 250 customers (e.g. TimeHop, ZeppelinGeeklistSalesLoft and Farmstand). Watch some of the rave reviews Singly's early beta partners gave. Additionally, Singly has partnered with innovators like CloudMine and Firebase to further root its product and enhance its market awareness.

Cavnar explained Singly's straightforward approach: "At Singly, our mission is to empower [developers] to enact...connections and create powerful new experiences." Singly understands that everything from our cars to our apps are now connected. Simplifying Integration and cross-app communication should create wide scale market appeal and generate major interest throughout the app developer community as it launches its open beta. Those interested in participating can sign up at the homepage.

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