SiteScout Launches Final, Complete Version of the SiteScout API

SiteScout, a Canadian self-serve media buying Platform provider, announced the launch of the final, completed version of the SiteScout API which allows developers programmatic access to the SiteScout real-time bidding (RTB) platform. The company has just added the Campaign Management component to the API which allows users to fully control their SiteScout campaigns.


Image Credit: SiteScout

The SiteScout API allows developers to create third-party applications that include custom dashboards, branded client interfaces and other SiteScout RTB platform features. The SiteScout API consists of three primary components:

  • Reporting - Retrieve real-time and historical statistics for advertising campaigns.
  • Audience Management - Retrieve, create, modify and manage user audiences and retrieve audience statistics.
  • Campaign Management - Access inventory sources and all advertiser-level resources, excluding audiences and statistics.

The SiteScout API is RESTful and uses OAuth 2 for Authentication and authorization. All API calls are returned in JSON data format, however, there is a CSV option for the reporting scope. SiteScout also recommends that developers use Versioning when directing API requests.

CEO of SiteScout Paul Mokbel states for the press release that:

"Our customers were asking us if they could build apps on top of our RTB platform, such as niche-specific DSPs targeting specific market segments. This is why we launched this API: to give them the right tools to create their own RTB-powered ad products. In doing so, we're creating a richer marketing ecosystem and democratizing RTB infrastructure by making it available to developers and businesses of all sizes around the world."

SiteScout is looking for developers that would like to be featured as API case studies. Information about featured developers can be found in the SiteScout blog announcement post.

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