Six New Social Data Sources Added to Gnip Enterprise Data Collector Product

Gnip, a social media data aggregation Platform and social media API, has announced that the company has added six new social data sources to the Gnip Enterprise Data Collector product. The six public APIs that have been added to the platform include bitly, Instagram, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Panaramio and Plurk.


Image Credit: Gnip

The Gnip Enterprise Data Collector product is a turnkey solution that provides access to real-time social media data via the public APIs of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google+, Instagram, Stack Overflow, Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube and many others. The Enterprise Data Collector is designed so that social media data formats are normalized so that they are easier to consume. The product also offers a choice of protocols ( HTTP GET, HTTP POST or Streaming HTTP), Plug-and-Play Streams, Duplicate Exclusion, URL Expansion and other advanced features. Chris Moody, President and COO of Gnip states for the press release that:

"Our customers care about conversations happening across the entire spectrum of social sources. Each source provides unique insights that can be used for addressing unique business opportunities. We're adding public social data from sources such as Instagram and bitly to help satisfy their insatiable appetite for more data."

According to the announcement post published on the Gnip company blog, more than 100 billion social data activities are delivered to their clients every month. The post also describes the benefits and use cases for the new social media APIs that have been added to the Gnip platform. Below is a brief summary:

  • bitly - bitly is a link shortening and analytics service. The bitly API could be used for monitoring brand mentions and analyzing trending keywords and content.
  • Instagram - Instagram is a photo sharing app owned by Facebook. The Instagram API could be used to track photos by specific topics or for monitoring companies and brands.
  • Panoramio - Panoramio is a photo-sharing website with geotagged content that is layered upon Google Earth and Google Maps. This API could be used to monitor social activity within a certain geographic area.
  • Plurk - Plurk is a microblogging site that is popular in Taiwan and other Asian countries. This API could be used to monitor brand mentions with a focus on Asian countries.
  • Reddit - Reddit is a social news and community site. The Reddit API could be used for monitoring mentions of companies and brands.
  • Stack Overflow - Stack Overflow is a programming community Q&A site. The Stack Overflow API could be used to monitor questions and discussions based on specific keywords or tags.

All of these APIs offer a variety of features and functionality beyond the examples listed above. Read the Gnip announcement blog post for more information about the above APIs and the Gnip Enterprise Data Collector product.

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