Sixfold Announces Launches Visibility Data Sharing Initiative

Via BusinessWire.

Sixfold, a real-time transportation visibility Platform, has announced a data-sharing initiative focused on driving a new era of openness, accessibility, and transparency across the supply chain and logistics sector. The Open Visibility Data Exchange introduces a new standard in data sharing, empowering carriers and logistics service providers (LSPs) to take control of their real-time visibility data and maximize the value for stakeholders across the supply chain.

Gaining access to accurate shipment ETAs has quickly become a market standard in transport logistics, and something that most carriers are now able to provide automatically through visibility service providers. However, a lack of standardization has only served to slow down or in some cases completely block the flow of information between these competing providers.

Sixfold’s new Open Visibility Data API removes these obstacles by enabling carriers and LSPs to easily share their visibility data with shippers or goods recipients – no matter which Transport Management System (TMS) stakeholders use. The API gives authorized stakeholders simple access to key visibility data via individual API keys, thereby separating access for each customer. This puts the power back in the hands of carriers, giving them complete control to grant their shippers access to real-time transport information and updates.

As a result, visibility data can be freely exchanged between different transport networks – all without putting carriers’ high-value data at risk. Once access has been granted, Sixfold’s intelligent geofencing algorithms ensure that customers only have access to data related to their ongoing shipments.

“We firmly believe that visibility data needs to be shared freely to maximize the value for all supply chain participants. However, getting data to flow horizontally between competing parties has traditionally been a challenge for the industry,” said Jesper Bennike, executive director of Sixfold. “Our new API removes the obstacles that have long hindered global supply chains, making it easy for carriers to share data outside of our platform. The time is right for an open network structure that empowers carriers – without any interference from their visibility partner – to share shipment data with whoever they want, whenever they want.”

"Fragmentation and data silos represent significant challenges for any industry, but particularly one like ours that relies so heavily on access to real-time insights when it comes to temperature-controlled transports,” said Stefan Goedde at STI Freight Management. “We have no doubt that increasing the shareability of real-time data will have a material impact on how carriers operate. We therefore welcome this initiative from Sixfold, which will help to drive the industry forward at a time when data visibility is more important than ever and by that will enable us to take quality the extra mile.”

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