Skobbler Tiles API: Putting Your Coding Street Smarts to Work

Skobbler uses the free editable OpenStreetMap to create apps such as GPS Navigation 2, and ForeverMap that provides maps offline that work when you can't be online. The company has  just released the Skobbler tiles API. Compatible with popular frameworks like Leaflet, OpenLayers and Google Maps API v3, its API allows you access to its tile server and to embed maps in your applications. Here's a shot from one of its own apps, Navigation 2,

This comes on top of their SDK called GeOS now in beta. It's easy to see why choosing Skobbler as your geo backbone makes sense. As founder Marcus Theilking told Adena Schutzberg of,

"We’ve been successful using OpenStreetMap, because of the breadth of our experience and expertise. Remember, we were founded during a spin-off in 2008 from navigation leader, Navigon, and have been using the OpenStreetMap to build all of our products since March 2010. We know location, navigation and maps inside out, and in their most complex forms. When you combine our experience with our business model – focusing on both consumers and now businesses interested in building their own OSM-based offerings – you can understand how we’ve been able to successfully grow and develop as a company in a very competitive space."

With lots of competition from the likes of Nokia's offering called Here and Mapquest, among others, they're going to need that firepower.

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