Skyflow’s Payment Data Privacy Vault Provides API Access to Zero-Trust Financial Processing

Skyflow, a privacy startup that takes an API-first approach to data security, has announced the launch of its new Payments Data Privacy Vault. This service provides API access to a zero-trust repository that enables Fintech companies to store payment data, process identity verification, and conduct financial transactions while protecting personal data.

The company’s approach to data vaults is inspired by the largest companies in the world, think Google and Apple, who have the capital to build internal data solutions that leverage zero-trust principles to ensure the security of their customers data. Skyflow hopes to democratize this level of security, ensuring that all financial companies are able to build trustworthy applications and services.

The Payments Data Privacy Vault enables developers to access credit data, validate customer identities via KYC (Know Your Customer) workflows, issue cards, and process payments without the need for direct access to the most sensitive personal customer data. The PCI compliant solution has pre-built Lambda Functions for Plaid, Stripe, PayPal, and more, that promise to further accelerate the time-to-launch for partnering companies.

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