Skype's New Mashup Contest

Want a free trip to Prague this September? The trip is yours if you create the winning mashup in the new Skype Developer Mashup Competition. The Skype API opens-up the Skype platform and as you can see from the examples below it lets developers do some useful and innovative things. As for the contest itself, here are the details from the contest wiki (see link above):

  • The competition runs from 22nd June to 31st August 2007
  • The winner will be given air travel to the Skype developer and beta tester days in Prague, Sept 12-13
  • Third party reviews of all entries are prohibited until 9:00 a.m. GMT, Friday, Sept. 14, 2007
  • All top 10 runner-ups will get promoted and published by Skype
  • Winners will be judged on Skypeness (what is Skype centric about it), usability, coolness, usefulness, stability and a flair or weird factor.

I'll be one of the judges and it will be interesting to see what folks create. To get some inspriation you can see a good variety via the Skype mashups listed on our site including:

  • Skype to and from Twitter: A mashup to allow you to post Twitters from Skype and receive your friends Twitter timeline into Skype.
  • Skype for Salesforce AppExchange: Create conference calls for Skype directly within
  • Use your existing Skype account to connect to your friends in Google Earth and take them along with you. When you move in Google Earth on your computer, your friend moves in Google Earth in real time on his or her computer.
  • Universal Chat Translator for Skype: Allows people to communicate with other Skype users without the need to know their language, translates in real-time, and speaks your chats as well.
  • SkypeMap: Julian Bond maps his Skype contacts. Site includes useful commentary on how the map was programmed.
  • A bot for Skype public group chats. Written in PHP5. Among other things it can archive chats to the web and do Google searches from inside a chat. Source available.

You can read more in the Skype blog and at Skype Journal.


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