Slack Adds New API Endpoints for User Group Management

To extend the possibilities of its new User Group feature, Slack announced new Group endpoints for the Slack API. User Groups allow administrators to define a specific set of people to which a particular message is shared. User Groups focus a message to a targeted audience as opposed to posting a message to a Slack channel. Through the new API endpoints, developers can programmatically create and manage User groups.

Slack intends User Groups to replace mass emails for organizations that utilize the Slack collaboration platform. For instance, consider an organization that needs to send a message to a sales team or the human resources department. Instead of mass emails to the respective units, posting a message to the user group @sales or @HR on the Slack platform achieves the desired message delivery within the same platform where the entire organization collaborates to complete projects of all types.

To manipulate User Groups via the Slack API, developers use the "Groups" endpoint. For example, to return a list of User Groups, query GET/Groups. To create a new user group, use POST/Groups. For more Groups-based endpoints, visit the API docs.

As app-based collaboration tools continue to grow in number and popularity, expect more prophesy of email's impending doom. While the immediacy of such calls may be suspect, tools like Slack and its increasing number of features certainly warrant consideration of what the future workforce will use as its primary communication platform. Check out Slack's new User Group function and continue to look for more features to the app and API access to such features. 

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