Slack Announces New APIs for Creating Templated Workspaces

Slack has recently announced several upgrades to it’s messaging Platform, these upgrades aim to improve communication inside larger organizations. These new enhancements include a new API for creating templated workspaces and a new announcement channel for communicating key information on high-level issues.

Using the new Slack Templated Workspaces API developers will be able to integrate automated Slack workspace creation into applications. This functionality is especially useful for larger organizations that are regularly setting up workspaces for new teams. Now rather than starting from scratch every time a new workspace is needed users can select from pre-configured workspace templates. This not only saves time but also increases consistency across organizations, allowing for simplified policy administration. Developers will be able to not only create templates but also manage these connectors programmatically. 

Additionally, the company has created a new announcements channel, which aims to simplify sending messages to an entire organization. Admins will be able to control who is able to post and respond in the Announcements Channel, a feature that could prove key to reducing spam. Slack hopes that this new tool will provide users with a space to provide trustworthy information to members about top-level issues. 

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