The Slice API Aims to Simplify the Online Shopping Experience

Slice, the ultimate online shopping assistant, has launched the Slice API. The Slice API allows third party apps to integrate Slice features such as price drop alerts, tracking packages, spending tracking, email receipts and more. Slice is currently recruiting developers to test the API and build apps upon the Slice Platform. Slice is dedicated to changing the way online shoppers interact with the products they buy online, and the Slice API sits at the heart of its mission.

Slice was developed after its creators became overwhelmed with the complexity of tracking and managing the expansive options of shopping and purchasing online. After clicking "buy" while shopping, an email is generated to confirm your purchase. Such "buys" add up overtime, and keeping track of the purchases and associated details becomes overwhelming. Slice looks to streamline the process with a single app, or a single API in the case of Slice-platform based apps.

The Slice API is currently in private Beta without public Documentation available. Some of the data available through the API includes order details (e.g. amounts, dates, item descriptions, etc.), type of purchase (e.g. in-store, online, digital download, etc.), order confirmations, shipping confirmations, and almost anything you can imagine surrounding a purchase. To receive API access or join the Slice developer community, visit the API site and request a key.

As we move into the holiday season, there is no shortage of online avenues for consumers to shop. The NRF estimates that online purchases this holiday season will top $600 billion. However, with the expansive landscape arrives the potential of massive confusion and disorganization. Slice was created to make sense of the madness and drive a new group of developers aimed at smoothing out the online shopping experience.

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