Smaato Launches SDK for in-app Advertising

Smaato, an in-app advertising solution provider, has introduced the Smaato NextGen SDK. The SDK is available on both iOS and Android. Its dynamic build was created for the modern in-app advertising environment. Keystone features of the SDK release include support for Open Measurement and in-app header bidding.

Smaato suggests that the rapid evolution in in-app advertising over the last few years commands a new approach to SDK solutions. Accordingly, Smaato has rebuilt its SDK instead of updating existing SDKs. The new SDK was built from the ground up, is lightweight, and aims to meet the existing and future needs of both app publishers and in-app advertisers.

Ad formats currently supported include banners, interstitial display, rich media, interstitial video, and rewarded video ads. The next release will also include support for native, vertical video, and playable rewarded ads. The SDK supports MRAID version 3.0 and VAST version 4.0. The next release will support VAST 4.1.

The SDK is available for download through the Smaato resources site. Additionally, Smaato has published an Integration guide, which is available through its Developer Docs. As Smaato moves to an entirely new SDK, the company has made account management and support teams available to assist publishers with their integrations.

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