Smart Learning With Drillster's API

Knowledge is king. Learning more about a certain field or expertise just means better odds for outstanding productivity and achievement. How great would it be if there were an easy way to get that information into our heads. Drillster is one service that aims to help people to learn quickly and retain the information they need to know. It's an interactive learning and test application aimed at both education and business. Drillster's API makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.


Drillster uses an adaptive algorithm that enables it to learn from what a user has and hasn't answered correctly, determining the order and frequency of items to be practised and repeated for that specific user. The goal is to get users to learn more quickly and retain that information for longer periods of time. Instances where this kind of training may be appropriate are compliance training, certification training, language courses, training on products and services, induction courses, training on processes, procedures, laws or programs and more.

Drillster's REST API makes it possible for any developer to write applications that interact with Drillster. Example API methods include managing user accounts, managing access, and retrieving drill details and sets. Non-commercial use of this API is free of charge, but those wanting to use it for commercial purposes will need to make prior arrangements with the company. More information is available on the Drillster website.

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