Smart Syndication Service Wants Journalists to Make Money

NewsCred optimistically tackles the problem of monetizing journalism in today’s world.  With the rise news aggregation sites that hardly pay writers at all, the journalism trade has suffered a great deal.  NewsCred looks like a response from some technical boxers fighting from the reporter’s corner.  The idea behind the NewsCred Platform API: if you can get your story out to more sources in a more standard and workable format, you can sell your content more effectively.

The technology model behind NewsCred sounds really cool.  You have to like the sound of ICE, the NewsCred "Intelligent Curation Engine".  NewsCred is crunching data on the stories that it picks up, determining content clusters and deriving localization.  Providing this article meta data is part of its value-add.

The documentation of this API is clear and straight forward.  The NewsCred site loses a few points for the example API links resulting in Authentication failure, but it gets major developer friendliness points for having a Python quickstart guide.  Guides are also available for Ruby, C#.Net, Java, PHP, Drupal, and Wordpress.  The real crown jewel of its developer attraction strategy is the API demo site, where you can try out API calls.  This is a very useful feature, but so many API sites lack it.  NewsCred knows what developers like.

This is another entry in the collection of 64 news APIs, and is similar to the Associated Press API, an offering from the well-known news organization.

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