Smart2Pay Releases Mobile SDK for WeChat and Alipay Payments

Smart2Pay announced its release of a Mobile SDK that enables in-app payments through cards, as well as WeChat and Alipay. The SDK is available for both Android and iOS. Once integrated, app users initiate payments from a mobile device and the SDK handles payment processing through the vendor of choice.

"Mobile payments are an important part of ecommerce payments, representing a step closer to the future," Smart2Pay CTO, Stefan Iancu, commented in a press release. "Through the release of our Mobile SDK, we want to both support the development of our core products and offer our Merchants the right solutions to continue their business expansion in the world of mobile payments."

In WeChat and Alipay environments, users initiate payment from mobile apps. A message is sent to the Smart2Pay API. The API responds with an instruction field (which needs to pass from the target app to the Smart2Pay SDK). The Mobile SDK handles the appropriate Alipay and WeChat calls and the data is returned for final verification through the originating app.

Card payments are handled completely by the Mobile SDK. The target app never collects credit card details. Accordingly, minimal PCI compliance is required from the app developer. See examples of a typical card payment flow in the SDK docs.

The Android and iOS SDKs are available for download at GitHub. The SDK docs include examples across many languages including Java, SWIFT, Kotlin, and more. Smart2Pay has also published demo projects on GitHub.

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