Smart911Connect API Helps Save Lives

Most people don’t tend to think of APIs as a potentially life threatening issue. But the folks at Rave Mobile Safety have determined that giving first responders access to a wide variety of data sources can save lives. A new Smart911Connect offering from Rave Mobile Safety allows emergency response centers accessing the company’s Smart911 database to leverage a set of APIs to access everything from building floor plans to healthcare records.

According to Todd Piett, chief product officer for Rave Mobile Safety, as first responders get increasingly equipped with more sophisticated mobile computing devices they need a way to instantly access everything from architectural data to individual patient histories that let them know what allergies someone might have.

It’s been over a decade since fire and police personnel responding to the attacks on 9/11 found they were literally and figuratively working in the dark. Since then communications technologies have come a long way. But access to critical information is still at best sporadic.

Smart911 supports emergency contact centers in 28 states that serve more than 300 municipalities. Within the Smart911, citizens create Safety Profiles that contain details about their household they want 9-1-1 to have during an emergency. When an individual places a 9-1-1 call, their Safety Profile is displayed to the call taker and data can be immediately relayed to responders, including number of people in a building and any known medical conditions. The SmartConnect911 API makes sure all that data is presented within a set of standard formats within the Smart911 database.

Piett says the SmartConnect911 API is Smart911Connect is the first open, standards-based programming interfaces for third parties to deliver diverse data sets to 9-1-1 call centers. As part of that effort Rave Mobile Safety has set up approval process chaired by leading emergency communications professionals, created audit trails and logging of all data and made sure the API is NG9-1-1 and CJIS security compliant.

You can probably easily imagine a world where in order to not only save the lives of people in trouble, but also the first responders coming to save them, APIs for 911 systems should be nothing less than mandatory.

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