Smartable AI Provides Near Real-Time COVID-19 Stats Via AI-Powered API

Smartable AI, an Artificial Intelligence services provider, has announced free access to the company’s newly developed COVID-19 Stats & News APITrack this API. The API provides data collected from credible sources that is segmented by country or state and updated hourly.

Sources accessed for data include government websites, Wikipedia pages, news reports, Johns Hopkins University CSSE 2019-nCoV Dashboard, WHO Situation Reports, CDC Situation Updates, and By leveraging AI to Parse through this data, the company believes that it has created a reliable, accurate, and responsive source for COVID-19 data. The API announcement noted that:

“Different from other coronavirus data sources that produce breaking changes from time to time, our API strives to be stable, detailed and close to real-time, by leveraging AI to gather information from many credible sources.”

Interested developers can preview the data available by checking out Smartable AI’s Index of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Stats page, which is powered by the API. The company provides documentation and sample use cases. The API is RESTful and returns data formatted in JSON

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