SmartBear Announces AlertSite UXM

SmartBear has been no stranger to stirring up API news as of late. As one of the leaders in API testing and monitoring, SmartBear is out making news again with its announcement of AlertSite UXM. AlertSite UXM is an industry first Platform to deliver load testing and transaction monitoring from a single, unified platform. Before the announcement, PW caught up with SmartBear’s Director of Product Management, Denis Goodwin to learn more.

In the end, AlertSite UXM helps deliver a world class User Experience. To better understand how it delivers results, Goodwin explained:

The AlertSite UXM platform is the first of its kind to offer the full range of APM functionality (Synthetic, Real, and Load for Web, Mobile and APIs) that is both affordable and easy to use and deploy.  The platform can be used by dev and qa through ops and on to line of business and C-level execs.  We're offering a unified platform featuring functionality that has previously been available only to the largest, most technically capable enterprises.

While AlertSite UXM offers testing for apps and APIs, we wanted to hear specifically about API testing. The API testing seems second to none, as Goodwin described:

SmartBear offers SoapUI and SoapUI Pro, the industry leading API functionality testing tool with millions of active users worldwide.  The AlertSite platform is fully compatible with SoapUI, allowing existing API projects to be used within our synthetic monitoring network.  Furthermore, we will be offering transaction tracing and root cause analysis for API monitoring early this summer.

Before launching AlertSite UXM, SmartBear held a ten week beta trial. According to Goodwin, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Of particular interest was Synthetic Transaction Tracing. After a successful beta, Goodwin foresees deployment in a broad range of scenarios. This is a major improvement over the last version of AlertSite which focused purely on Ops users. With that in mind, we asked for a use case scenario where Goodwin envisions deployment:

Traditionally, AlertSite has been targeting Ops users. With the addition of the Real and Load components, AlertSite UXM offers valuable insights to a wider variety of users, from dev/QA all the way the line of business and C-level leaders.  AlertSite UXM can provide value to any customer who values the user experience and performance of their web applications and APIs.  The more that's at stake, whether it’s reputation or the bottom line, the more value we offer.

SmartBear continues to innovate in API testing and monitoring. With over 25,000 organizations utilizing its wide portfolio of tools, SmartBear has clearly established itself as a leader. AlertSite UXM is simply another example of a great tool made better, yet again, by SmartBear.

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