SmartBear Launches API Testing Dojo

SmartBear, quality and performance management solution provider, has launched the API Testing Dojo. At the API Testing Dojo, developers can learn about the world of API testing, explore API testing best practices, and try their hand with API testing exercises. As the web becomes more and more connected via APIs, ample testing with third party APIs (regardless of provider or protocol) is essential.

Matti Hjelm, SmartBear's SoapUI Product Owner, commented:

Any software company knows the importance of testing, and the more our lives become intertwined with software enabled devices, the more important testing becomes in achieving overall software quality, decreasing the amount of bugs, and ultimately saving time, money and brand reputation....But testing APIs remains an obscure, undervalued and often misunderstood practice. The API Testing Dojo is a useful Resource to anyone working with APIs regardless of the tools they use. Developers and testers can leverage the knowledge available on the API Testing Dojo across almost any testing tool to ultimately help improve overall software quality.

SmartBear created the Testing Dojo in response to the continued lack of testing knowledge, capabilities, and practice. SmartBear owns SoapUI, the most widely used API testing tool (over 6 million downloads). Accordingly, hosting a single community where developers can increase knowledge and skills associated with API testing comes as a natural next step.

The Dojo is organized in three general categories: World of API Testing, Best Practices, and Testing Katas. In addition to the general organization, developers (of all skill levels) can visit the Dojo to view software tools, blogs, conferences and upcoming events, and more. A much needed resource, the API Testing Dojo should serve as a community where developers can learn, collaborate, and expand API testing practices.

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