SmartBear Launches Ready! API Development Platform

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SmartBear Software, the choice of more than two million software professionals for building and delivering the world’s best applications, today announced that Ready! API, the industry’s first fully integrated, extensible and affordable Platform to help development, testing and operations teams build reliable, scalable and secure APIs, is available for download at: For developers to build great applications, their APIs need to be optimal. Ready! API is helping to ensure great APIs are behind every great application.

“As the Internet-of-Things market grows, MachineShop is using Ready! API to test a wide variety of conditions and parameters of these Operational Technology (OT) devices and their interaction with our next generation middleware platform,” said Greg Jones, Chief Technology Officer at MachineShop. “Testing these individually was a long and burdensome process. Using Ready! API, we have been able to automate this testing for the wide variety of data sources we support to ensure our customers the high level of security and reliability they expect from our service.”

Ready! API is an “open core” API testing platform built on the foundation of the award winning, industry dominating SoapUI open source tool and designed to provide all the tools needed – and the only tools needed – when building and testing APIs.

“The convergence of all the existing SmartBear API tools and features leveraged into one consistent platform with a beautiful User Interface is exciting for enterprise software and the API industry,” said Mehdi Medjaoui, Co-Founder, and Conferences. “The new SmartBear service virtualization module in particular makes enterprise-grade testing affordable for companies of all types and sizes.”

Ready! API’s service virtualization module, Service V Pro, includes virtualization capabilities, allowing developers to create virtual assets for parallel testing and development. All application modules available for Ready! API include:

  • ServiceV Pro – for creating, managing and sharing virtualized assets
  • SoapUI NG Pro  – the next generation of SoapUI for testing all Web services, including REST and SOAP APIs
  • LoadUI  –  for load testing of APIs to ensure they meet high performance demands
  • Secure – for conducting security scans against APIs

“We are very excited about Ready! API,” said Robert Schneider, Partner at WiseClouds, a leading training and advisory consulting services organization. “We are offering both on-demand and live training as well as certification for Ready! API.”

Ready! API is immediately available for download at:

About SmartBear Software
SmartBear is the choice of more than two million software professionals and over 25,000 organizations in 90 countries that use its products to build and deliver the world’s best software applications. The company’s user centric application management solutions support the key software delivery processes of development, testing,API readiness and application performance management across desktop, Web and mobile platforms. With millions of developers, testers and operations teams already using its products, SmartBear is profitable, growing, global and poised to support the emergence of DevOps. Be a smart bear. Get started building and delivering the planet’s next great application at

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