SmartBear Launches Ready! API Testing Platform

SmartBear, the API testing company, has launched its Ready! API Platform. It's the first extensible and affordable platform (starting at $499) aimed at helping developers build secure, scalable APIs throughout the development and testing phases.

As the company commented,

Ready! API is an “open core” API testing platform built on the foundation of the award winning, industry dominating SoapUI open source tool and designed to provide all the tools needed – and the only tools needed – when building and testing APIs.

The platform embodies four features:

  • ServiceV Pro focuses on creating, managing and sharing virtualized assets;
  • SoapUI NG Pro is for testing Web services, including REST and SOAP APIs;
  • LoadUI does API load testing of APIs to meet performance demands;
  • And Secure conducts security scans to test APIs.

Among the many markets for API testing is the booming IoT applications. One customer is MachineShop, where Chief Technology Officer Greg Jones noted that Ready! API put an end to individual testing of APIs and allowed for faster bulk evaluations. A single User Interface makes the process virtually frictionless.

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