SmartBear Launches Ready! Plug-in for MSFT Azure API Management

SmartBear has released a new plug-in for the SmartBear Ready! API. The plug-in integrates with Microsoft's Azure API Management. The Integration allows the Azure API Management Portal to import APIs into Ready! API for testing. Further, the integration enables one-click test and virt generation, as well as third-party API testing and virtualization.

The plug-in looks to further SmartBear's message that testing is an ongoing and critical part of API life cycle management. As such, the company has largely positioned itself as a Switzerland that works in concert with multiple API lifecycle management solution providers and not just Microsoft. For example, SmartBear's Ready API! also supports 3scale, WSO2, MuleSoft, and CA.

Azure API Management allows API owners to manage APIs via a broad feature set (e.g., transforming legacy APIs to RESTful structure, packaging, security, billing management). SmartBear's integration with the Platform ensures that ongoing availability of the management platform remains viable and effective.

Disclosure: Some of the companies mentioned in this article are competitors to MuleSoft, the parent company of ProgrammableWeb.

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